Puma Ferrari Shoes

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Almost two year ago when and my friends take participate in the football matches so that time our team coach told us"If you win the final match of the football I give you puma shoes."As he say such and go out of the football ground.When the match start that time I have an other company shoes in my foot.I play very slowly but my other friends played very well and won the match.After winning the match our coach came to me and told me that if you are want to get puma shoes so I am ready to give you.But the condition is that first you win the final then.I decided that I will win the final.Last day of the tournament of football we go in the ground with attraction.After in 2 mints we have won the match and got the Puma ferrari shoes.If you are like it so give your comments and make my day.Thanks for like it.

Puma Ferrari Shoes with red Color
Ferrari Ferrari Shoes
Puma Ferrari Shoes White and Red
Puma Ferrari Shoes Red and White Beautiful
Puma Ferrari Shoes Red Beautiful Shoes
Puma Ferrari Shoes With Black Color Looking Very Beautiful


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